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Stick-Gods ~ The Power of Ra


Stick-Gods ~ The Power of Ra

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Maybe I’ll be trying to bite more than I can chew but I’m starting a project that will be both a test of my grasp on English and a big learning experience.

My dear friends, Alix Alberti and Avdotia Prascovievna, have started a series of Warhammer 40000 fanfiction. All it’s begun at Winter Temporary Fandom Combat 2014, a multifandom fiction and art competition, where they and I were in the Imperial inquisition team. They produced very interesting original characters for the fanfiction part of the contest, and after the end of the competition they decided to develop those characters’ history and tale of their adventure. Following the spirit of the WH40K books, this series will have drama, and pathos, and danger, and sacrifice, and love, and humor. I absolutely adore what they write, and even have a couple of special favourites amongst the cast. XP

And when I’d read those first versions that were on the contest, I felt that they must be translated in English, and that’s what I must to do. Now, when I’ve got the first parts of the edited versions, I can start to work on the translation. Of course, I’ll have beta, even two beta; I plan to ask my friend with excellent English skills to be the first beta, and I plan to find a native-speaker beta to do the final proof reading.

I do hope I’ll manage to make it work, because my friends are awesome and deserve to be famous for what they write.

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I need a new work computer and I have to make a list of computer parts so my chief could buy it. And I’ve kept putting off this task because I didn’t know how to choose those computer parts so the computer would work. But I couldn’t delay this task any more, because the money for the computer comes from a grant which has “expire date”. And finally I pulled myself together, found a site with recommendations on how to choose right details and parts, and made the list. And I even managed to contrive. I hope that I did everything right, though I’ll knew it only tomorrow or next week.

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